Every window smashed in Niagara regional police HQ by lone man with a hammer

The Niagara Regional Police press release opens with
"The Niagara Regional Police Service is currently investigating the intentional smashing of over 80 ground level, large panel windows in the downtown area of St.Catharines. Officers began their investigation after receiving the report that a male was in the area smashing windows with a hammer." They even had a description of the suspect "male, white, approximately 5’9” tall with a thin build. He was wearing a grey toque, a black backpack, last seen carrying a claw hammer."
He shouldn't have been that hard to catch, he was smashing the ground floor windows of the police offices, as well as those of the Library across the road and the court house down the street. All in all he smashed over 80 windows,all before 8.30pm Sunday evening when the NRP claim they were notified of the attack.