An Englishwomen's trip to Niagara Falls in 1854

This account of a visit to Niagara Falls was published by Isabella Lucy Bird in the book 'The Englishwoman in America' in the 1850's. Her introduction to her trip to America is priceless in its reflection of the attitudes of a certain class of British person

"I went to the States with that amount of prejudice which seems the birthright of every English person, but I found that, under the knowledge of the Americans which can be attained by a traveller mixing in society in every grade, these prejudices gradually melted away. I found much which is worthy of commendation, even of imitation: that there is much which is very reprehensible, is not to be wondered at in a country which for years has been made a "cave of Adullam"--a refuge for those who have "left their country for their country's good"--a receptacle for the barbarous, the degraded, and the vicious of all other nations.