Descriptions of Niagara Falls from 'See America First'

Orville O. Hiestand wrote 'See America First' in an attempt to encourage wealthy Americans to see the beauties of their own continent before rushing off to Europe. Niagara Falls was a major part of his theme, both in the detailed descriptions of the waterfalls here and as a constant reference point for his descriptions of other places to visit.

"Scenery, as well as "the prophet," is "not without honor" save in its own country. Therefore thousands of travellers are in Europe today, gazing in open mouthed wonder at the Swiss Alps or floating down the Rhine pretending to be enraptured, who never gave a passing thought to the Adirondacks, or the incomparable beauty of the Hudson, which perhaps lie at their very doors.

It is not our purpose to make the reader appreciate European scenery less but American scenery more. "America first" should be our slogan, whether in regard to political relations or to travel. Many Americans do not know how to appreciate their own natural scenery. Much has been written about the marvelous scenery of western North America, but few have spoken a word of praise in regard to the beauty of our eastern highlands.


"Flow on forever in thy glorious robe
Of terror and of beauty; * * *
God hath set
His rainbow on thy forehead;
and the cloud Mantles around thy feet."
--Mrs. Sigourney.