Niagara Falls

Clifton House Hotel, Niagara Falls in 1854

This celebrated hotel, which is kept on the American plan, is a huge white block of building, with three green verandahs round it, and can accommodate about four hundred people. In the summer season it is the abode of almost unparalleled gaiety. Here congregate tourists, merchants, lawyers, officers, senators, wealthy southerners, and sallow down-easters, all flying alike from business and heat.

Description of a trip to Niagara Falls in 1854

"Have you seen the Falls?"--"No." "Then you've seen nothing of America."

An Englishman's visit to Niagara Falls in the year 1830

The following account of a visit to Niagara Falls was published in 1832 by S. A. Ferrall in his book "A Ramble of Six Thousand Miles through the United States of America."

The preface to the book is amusing for the reactions of his friends on being told he planned a trip to America

The warriors gather at Niagara on the Lake

About seven miles from the great cataract, towards the north, when following the river, is seen the famous Queenston Heights, where the force of waters has cut through solid rocks to a depth of about three hundred feet, and it is equaled in grandeur only by the cataract itself. This deep chasm in winding from the falls forms the great whirlpool--the terror of the poor aboriginals. From the brow of the mountain the most gorgeous landscape bursts upon the view.

Niagara, to rise on thy light mist to realms above

As the dark shadows of night; gathered closely around, made brilliant by innumerable fire-flies, sportively decking all nature in spangles, women and children disappeared to their wigwams, while their dusky protectors seated themselves 'round the great fire, the red flashes of which fell brightly on the strongly bound prisoners, proud and defiant, awaiting their doom.

The Lunar Bow which brilliantly adorns Niagara Falls by moonlight

STORY OF THE LUNAR BOW, ( Which brilliantly adorns Niagara Falls by moonlight),
Origin of the Totem of the Wolf.


The annual sacrifice to Manitou at Niagara Falls

Founded on traditions among the Iroquois or six nations

Within sound of the thundering cataract's roar once worshipped the roaming sons of the forest in all their primitive freedom. They recognized in its thunder the voice, in its mad waves the wrath, and in its crashing whirlpool the Omnipotence of the Great Spirit--the Manitou of their simple creed.

Also in the rising mist, the flight of the soul, and in the beautiful bow--the brilliant path followed by the spirits of good Indians to their Happy Hunting Ground.

Actor Danny Glover in court in Niagara Falls for union action at Sheraton hotel, Niagara Falls

Danny Glover and and two leaders of UNITE HERE Local 2347 were in court yesterday charged with trespass because last September he entered the lobby of the Sheraton hotel, Niagara Falls to demand a meeting with DiCienzo. Alexandra Dagg the national co-director of UNITE HERE Canada, and Wayne Samuelson President of the Ontario Federation of Labor were charged with Glover.

Niagara Casino donations to charity - should gambling proceeds be accepted

I see the Fallsview Casino Resort and Casino Niagara are giving 120 thousand dollars to charity. Well 'charity' in some cases, 1/3 of that money is going to the New Year’s Eve concert at Queen Victoria Park so I guess they are expecting to get a big chunk of that back in terms of extra revenue from those attracted to Niagara for the event. Maybe thats also true of the small donation to the Santa Claus parade.

But what about the two thousand dollars for the Royal Canadian Legion’s poppy campaign? What I'm not sure about is whether this money should be accepted?

Niagara Falls - the complete guide

The American Falls as seen from under the Rainbow bridge in Canada

There are not one but three waterfalls at Niagara Falls today, caused by the Niagara river flowing around Goat Island before plummeting nearly 170 feet onto the rocks below. Up to six million cubic feet of water thunders down per minute, on a still sunny day the spray rises high into the air above Niagara Falls. An observer a few miles away can be fooled into believing they are seeing smoke rising from a major fire, Niagara Falls is the most powerful waterfall in North America.

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