Niagara region

Introduction to the Niagara region

Fruit Trees in the Snow near Jordan, Niagara

The Niagara peninsula has as its eastern boundary the mighty Niagara River, on the other side of which lies the USA. The river flows from Lake Erie south of the peninsula over the world-famous Niagara falls and into Lake Ontario, the northern border of the Niagara peninsula.

Gay marrage in Niagara - Anglican church allows blessing

This weekend Anglicans in Niagara overwhelmingly voted to adopt the so-called local option which allow clergy, "whose conscience permits", to bless the marriages of gays and lesbians. Implementation may wait for the Bishop-elect of Niagara Michael Birdon to take over the position on March 1 2008.

Individual priests can also opt out of same sex blessings according to the Niagara diocese web site

Harriet Tubman using the underground railway at Niagara Falls to escape slavery

Sarah H. Bradford says in her biography of Harriet Tubman that "Her name deserves to be handed down to posterity, side by side with the names of Jeanne D'Arc, Grace Darling, and Florence Nightingale, for not one of these women, noble and brave as they were, has shown more courage, and power of endurance, in facing danger and death to relieve human suffering, than this poor black woman, whose story I am endeavoring in a most imperfect way to give you."

An English women visits Buffalo in 1854

It was just sunset, when we reached Buffalo, and moored at a wharf crowded with large steamers receiving and discharging cargo. Owing to the gale, we were two hours too late for the Niagara cars, and I slept at the Western Hotel, where I received every attention.

An Englishwomen's trip to Niagara Falls in 1854

This account of a visit to Niagara Falls was published by Isabella Lucy Bird in the book 'The Englishwoman in America' in the 1850's. Her introduction to her trip to America is priceless in its reflection of the attitudes of a certain class of British person

Snakes with forked tongues at Niagara

The attention of the Chiefs being directed to Grey Eagle, the youthful Chief stepped lightly but proudly in front of them. His manner plainly indicated him a brave warrior and hunter. As he spoke of his people, now nearly exterminated, he pointed out to the council the necessity, and expressed his willingness, of merging their existence in that of another tribe. Many looked upon him with sympathy and regard. Speaking of the foes of his people, his dark eyes lighted up with contemplated revenge-- his mouth curled with contempt.



My preface will be a few citations from reliable authorities to introduce to my readers the people of whom I write:

Birch bark legends of Niagara founded on traditions among the Iroquois or Six nations

The Birch Bark Legends of Niagara subtitled as the 'The origin of the wolf totem' or 'A story of the lunar-bow (which brilliantly adorns Niagara Falls by moonlight)' was written by Owahyah towards the end of the 19th century. It is a collection of Six Nations tales.

It was "Dedicated to the memory of Joinstaga, from whom many legends of the almost forgotten past were obtained by the author Owahyah"

2007 Niagara wine harvest best Niagara vintage ever?

Monique Beech, The Standard's wine and viticulture reporter, reports in her Friday Niagara Wine column that "winemakers, grape growers and industry experts" are "praising the 2007 harvest as the best in recent memory". The very dry Summer means as expected yields are down with 43,000 rather than the normal 50,000 tons of grapes being harvested. The fry weather was a problem for young vines and meant that the roots had to dig deeper so the grapes are smaller but also sweeter. The dry autumn prevented the problems of last years wet Autumn.

Niagara river being cleaned of toxic pollution

Some good news for a change. It's the 20th anniversary of the Niagara River Declaration Intent which became the Niagara River Toxics Management Plan.
Don Zelazny of the US Department of Environmental Conservation in quoted in the Niagara Cazette as claiming that " Of the 26 sites on the U.S. side which were found in 1987 to need cleanup, 21 have been completed"

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