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Niagara Casino donations to charity - should gambling proceeds be accepted

I see the Fallsview Casino Resort and Casino Niagara are giving 120 thousand dollars to charity. Well 'charity' in some cases, 1/3 of that money is going to the New Year’s Eve concert at Queen Victoria Park so I guess they are expecting to get a big chunk of that back in terms of extra revenue from those attracted to Niagara for the event. Maybe thats also true of the small donation to the Santa Claus parade.

But what about the two thousand dollars for the Royal Canadian Legion’s poppy campaign? What I'm not sure about is whether this money should be accepted?

Urban decay and crime in Niagara Falls, USA

Damn good youtube video of the deacy of Niagara Falls, USA. One of the comments says "The drive from Buffalo through Niagara Falls was like the grand tour of urban decay. Vacant hotels, boarded up restaurants, rusting factories...It really is like the town time forgot. It's sad, man." I don't get across the border much, looks like I'm not missing anything

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