Tourist vandalism at Niagara Falls

Goat Island is said to be covered with verdant forest, but it is no longer verdant, for it shows the ravages of those who wish some one to know they had visited Niagara. Important news, this, that requires those beautiful registers of God's own building for its recording. The large majestic beech trees, among whose verdant branches the orioles and tanagers poured forth their rich notes once whispered from all their wealth of emerald leaves invitations to the weary to come and enjoy the sanctuary of healing coolness and restful shade and shelter.

Every window smashed in Niagara regional police HQ by lone man with a hammer

The Niagara Regional Police press release opens with
"The Niagara Regional Police Service is currently investigating the intentional smashing of over 80 ground level, large panel windows in the downtown area of St.Catharines. Officers began their investigation after receiving the report that a male was in the area smashing windows with a hammer." They even had a description of the suspect "male, white, approximately 5’9” tall with a thin build. He was wearing a grey toque, a black backpack, last seen carrying a claw hammer."

Urban decay and crime in Niagara Falls, USA

Damn good youtube video of the deacy of Niagara Falls, USA. One of the comments says "The drive from Buffalo through Niagara Falls was like the grand tour of urban decay. Vacant hotels, boarded up restaurants, rusting factories...It really is like the town time forgot. It's sad, man." I don't get across the border much, looks like I'm not missing anything

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