Niagara river being cleaned of toxic pollution

Some good news for a change. It's the 20th anniversary of the Niagara River Declaration Intent which became the Niagara River Toxics Management Plan.
Don Zelazny of the US Department of Environmental Conservation in quoted in the Niagara Cazette as claiming that " Of the 26 sites on the U.S. side which were found in 1987 to need cleanup, 21 have been completed"

The 2004 update also claimed good news "More than 310 water quality improvement projects have been completed. Forest cover in the AOC has been increased by 278 hectares, over 22 kilometers of stream-side riparian habitat has been re-established and nearly 8 hectares of wetland has been restored. Substantial pollutant load reductions from livestock fencing and manure storage improvement projects have taken place."