Actor Danny Glover in court in Niagara Falls for union action at Sheraton hotel, Niagara Falls

Danny Glover and and two leaders of UNITE HERE Local 2347 were in court yesterday charged with trespass because last September he entered the lobby of the Sheraton hotel, Niagara Falls to demand a meeting with DiCienzo. Alexandra Dagg the national co-director of UNITE HERE Canada, and Wayne Samuelson President of the Ontario Federation of Labor were charged with Glover.

UNITE-HERE represents 500 workers in a contractual dispute with Canadian Niagara Hotels. This company owns the Brock Plaza hotels and Skyline Inn as well as the Sheraton. The unions says Canadian Niagara Hotels is not honoring all of the contract the arbitrator awarded including a 100 dollar signing bonus and 8 hour shifts. On October 17 the union said "Hundreds of members of UNITE HERE Local 2347 who worked at CNH in July 2006 will finally be receiving their $100 bonus as stipulated in the contract that was awarded at that same time. " other issues this release identified "the company ensure all salary increases are paid and stop its private prosecution of labour leaders and supporters, including Glover, for trespassing after a union rally in 2006."